Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker – Review

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker is the most versatile and the perfect grill for outdoor cooking purpose. It is set apart from other grills in the market from fantastic features, which make it simple to use. The parts are readily available and easy to replace. This is why it is considered the best smoker out there.

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker Review – Best For You?

This is the best smoker you can buy in the market. It is a perfect smoker, because of its double-steeled body. This means additional insulation to its body, this is necessary for better heating. You can maintain the temperature to the range you want it and to the extent that you want to keep it. You are able to manage the temperature, because the gauge is well situated where you can easily see it. Hardly any other smoker can compare to this product in terms of heat retention. Even where you leave the door open for sometimes, it would retain its heat. If you want to achieve a high temperature of about 250 degrees and more, you should not open the doors constantly.

To ensure that the system does not rust easily, the water pan was constructed to avoid retention of water that would rust the body. Its wood chip box is designed in a way that makes it easy to use. The smoker is designed to work efficiently under different environmental and climatic conditions. The smoking efficiency is such outstanding and effective that your guest would hardly believe that you smoke your meat just from your backyard.

The smoker is designed for outdoor use in mind. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. If you want to use the system outside, you should use it with a GCFI protected circuit. The extension cord it would to be connected has to be such that could withstand heavy load. It is said to be designed for outside use, because it does not usually get hot when it is used outside unlike similar products. The outer part of the smoker would retain its coolness even when it is subjected to more than four hundred degrees temperature.

Moreover, it could withstand high temperature because wood box is designed in a way to achieve that. Water pan, as said before could withstand rusting, the body of the pan was coated with porcelain. The door is further protected with a magnetic latching system. This ensures that the system does not leak heat. It is the simplest and the easiest smoker that you can use and monitor. As you can see the gauge is located to where you can monitor the readings, and you would be sure of accurate readings always.

From the features, it is not hard to believe that it is the most popular smoker out there. It could prepare various kinds of foods deliciously. It can prepare various foods ranging from poultry, to fish, meat, as well as veggies. No other smoker can compare with it when it comes to grilling of these delicacies.

User friendly and easy to clean smoker

You can see from the features and way it can be used that it is designed to have a perfect outdoor cooking. Users enjoy the brand because it is user friendly and very simple to clean. The most interesting thing about this brand is that you would not find it hard to replace the parts, as they are readily available and easy to replace. This saves you a lot of trouble as you would no longer over worry yourself on how to replace the smoker should a part malfunctions, which is the case with many similar smokers out there.

It is indeed a unique electric smoker. It saves you the trouble of constantly watching the smoker while it smokes. As an electric smoker, you can just set it up and go about your business. Because of this, it is better than any charcoal variety you can get anywhere. It would just cook your food the way you want it without causing any trouble for you. You can easily assemble and disassemble the smoker for cleaning and maintenance anytime you want. The instructions as to how to go about this are simple and straightforward.

Lightweight and easy to move

The smoker may seem complicated when you view it from the outside, but when you use it; you would discover that it is not as compact as you were making it to be. It is lightweight and very accommodating. This means that you can simply move it to anywhere you want within the compound.

It has two nice carrying handles with which you can easily move it around. You should not forget that the content could affect the weight. You should not expect it to remain light when you load it with lots of foods. You can also reduce the weight by removing the racks.

Good packaging

When you buy the smoker for the first time, you would be amazed at its impressive packaging. The packaging makes it very safe. To ensure safe delivery, the main box of the smoker is contained in another bigger box. To ensure an added safety, it is packed with Styrofoam.


The smoker is able to work wonders because of its unique features. It is fitted with cool side handles. This helps in moving the grill from one place to another. This is also the reason; it is considered a perfect outdoor smoker. Secondly, it has a sure lock system. This ensures that the smoker is well locked when in use. This helps to preserve the heat. It has a wood chip box, where you can keep your wood. The porcelain coated steel water pan preserves the system from early rust and damage.

Moreover, it is fitted with two cooking grids this ensures a perfect smoking. The three temperature setting feature ensures that you derive maximum heat from the product, because you can adjust the temperature from here. The temperature gauge ensures that you read the temperature with ease. The gauge works very well. It is considered a precision cooker because you can simply set the temperature, sit behind, and watch the smoker do the rest of the work for you. Moreover, it has about 458 inches of cooking space. With this, you can prepare enough quantities of foods for your party and have fun with your friends.


Assembling the parts is not difficult. Many users may think that it would be difficult to assemble the parts because of its compact look. It has a user manual, which directs you on how to assemble and fix the parts. You do not need to be a technical expert before you can assemble the parts and use the smoker. Screws are provided for you and it may not take more than some minutes to fix the components such as the handles, legs, racks as well as the heating elements. The instructions are very clear about its screws, and how to use it, as well as where to use it.


From the descriptions, so far it is clear that it is a high capacity smoker. When you see it standing, you would never attribute its capacity to its size. Internal capacity and its performance are better than your initial estimation. It has three racks, which can be used internally, while two of these racks can be easily adjusted, one is fixed. You can adjust the rack to accommodate as many items as possible and that is why the racks are adjustable. You can prepare different types of foods such some whole chicken, turkey and other types of foods.

Cooking with the smoker

It is a wonderful experience to cook with the smoker, because everything has been made easier for you. You only need to understand the mechanism to derive maximum benefits from the product. You should know that anytime you put cooler items inside the smoker that it would absorb enough heat. When you are preparing cooler items, it is recommended that you adjust the temperature to HIGH to ensure that it maintains a steady temperature while it warms your food. Always monitor the temperature of the smoker for the first thirty minutes, especially for the first time you are using the product. You need to warm it for at least thirty minutes to set the smoker and make it to be in a perfect condition.

  • It is efficiently designed; this means that it serves your outdoor cooking purpose effectively.
  • It is easy to assemble and use.
  • It is a high performance smoker; it cooks different types of foods. It is user friendly and easy to clean and maintain.

  • There are a few disadvantages associated with it; some users complain that the product could leak smoke and that it could get off when you do not want.

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Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker, Black

Outdoor Leisure Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker comes equipped with a fully adjustable electric heating element with three chrome plated cooking grids with multiple adjustment levels and a porcelain ...

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I purchased this smoker from a large mid-western home center retailer. I am an devotee but this time I saved $50 elsewhere. Anyway... I've used offset and bullet-type smokers with charcoal and also a Weber kettle-style grill set up as a smoking unit. All of them have required some diligence at keeping the coals and temperature just right. I've only used this smoker once as I just purchased it to cook a rack of pork ribs and a 12lb brisket. I used one application of wood chips in the box and the food came out tasting wonderful. The brisket is perhaps the best I've had. The temperature was very easy to modulate. Thus far I'm impressed. This unit works on electricity outdoors so you should have a GFCI protected circuit powering the device with a heavy duty extension cord to get it away from your eaves. I found the outside of the smoker to be cool enough to touch bare handed even while doing the initial seasoning at 400 degrees.Update: I used this smoker over the winter in Indiana even while the temperature outside was in the 20's. It still got up to temp easily and worked like a champ. I feel like I'm cheating because I barely have to do any work to cook ribs, brisket, shoulder, etc...Update 2 June 2012: I've been using this smoker nearly 2 years, about 1 or 2 times monthly. It still works great and is generally rust-free. The element is probably the only thing that will need replaced, and it seems to be a long way off from that.Update 3 September 2013: The smoker has lost a little off the top-end in terms of it's highest achievable temperature, but it maxes out at about 275º. The box is in pretty good shape still, as well as all the racks and interior surfaces. I just smoked 10lbs of pork shoulder the other day and it was generally regarded as some of the best we've ever had.
September 19, 2010
I have used this unit for 2 years now and am very happy. I had several of the barrel type electric smokers, and I found them hard to maintain temperature on. The weak part on electric units is the controller burns out after about a year, I have had 2 do it almost exactly at a year. This unit the controller snaps in to the element so firm that It is almost is hard to do, but this appears to prevent the burn out caused by arcing between the controller and the heating element. I smoke year around and I live in a state where it occasionaly gets cold, and I have set this unit on 160 and checked the temperature prior to going to bed and again when I first get up and it never is off by more than a couple of degrees. This was on a night when it got down to 20 degrees. The temperature control is fantastic. The only problem I have discovered so far is that because it is a tower smoker if you are smoking fatty meats as the fat melts it falls on the wood and stops the smoking. This is the nature of all tower smokers, and I have found if you just put a piece of aluminum foil over the wood the grease runs around the wood and everything is fine. Live and learn alas there is no perfect piece of machinery, but this is a very good smoker.
May 20, 2010
I looked at a number of electric smokers before settling on this model since the weak spot of most electric smokers seems to be the heating element and this particular model lets you replace the controller and element. As other reviewers write it holds a constant temperature very well. But using it as directed I have yet to get any meaningful smoke out of it. The taste of the food reflects the little smoke output. The instruction manual says that the shavings do not need to be soaked in water but soaked or not it really doesn't "smoke" very much. After a 4-5 hour cook at 230 degrees the original small bunch of wood chips placed in the wood cup maybe turns a bit darker but never burns or smokes. If it weren't for the lack of smoke it would be a great product but it's kind of hard to call it a good smoker.Update: Since a number of people reported having the same problem I had with too little smoke I contacted the seller by email. They got back to me within a day and instructed me to completely fill the wood chip container and place it into the smoker (leave the water container out for now) and then heat the unit on high to 300 degrees for an hour to get the smoke going then turn the temperature down to cooking temp. I use small chips so within 15-20 minutes at 300 degrees the smoke was coming out of every crack and opening in the smoker. I only gave a half hour start up then dialed down as the amount of smoke was really impressive. I put in two one pound chicken breasts and dialed back to 230-240. A smaller but constant flow of smoke continued after reducing the temperature. I needed to refill the wood chips after about 1-1.5 hours and briefly turned the heat dial back to high until the smoke started again then dialed back to the desired temp.Read more ›
March 22, 2011
Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker – Review
You have just seen the enormous benefits you can derive from Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker. It can satisfy all your cooking needs whether you are a new or an advanced user. When you buy the product, you would not have anything to regret, because you would have the real value of your money.
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You have just seen the enormous benefits you can derive from Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker. It can satisfy all your cooking needs whether you are a new or an advanced user. When you buy the product, you would not have anything to regret, because you would have the real value of your money.

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