Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker – Review

Camp Chef pellet Grill and Smoker is designed to improve your cooking experience. It has all the features that help you take your cooking experience to a higher level. Everything about the smoker is made in a way that simplifies and demystifies cooking. It is award-winning smoker as you can do many things with it.

Camp Chef Pellet Review

The smoker is specifically designed with the aim of facilitating grilling right on your home. It could also be used for outdoor grilling. This is certain from its unique features. It is made in a way that home grilling becomes simple and easy. It is a precision-based griller, because the issue of guesswork is done away once you use this perfect smoker. It has a digital temperature, which was put in a convenient place where you can easily observe the reading. It is the most innovative smoker in the market. It has double temperature sensors, which make it easier and faster to regulate and monitor your food. It has all features that ensure low, fast, as well as slow food smoking. It all depends on where and how you set it.

Why is the most popular choice in the market?

It is obvious from the fascinating reviews that the smoker is the people’s choice. Households preferred the smoker for a number of reasons. First, you can see that starting the smoker is simple; this is because it has an electronic auto start ignition. You only need to switch the ignition to start the system. It has to be connected to a power source before you switch the ignition on. Because it is not difficult to get started, many people prefer it to other brands on the market.

Easy use and control

The smoker is easy to use and control. It is fitted with a double LED temperature readout. This means that you would not find it difficult to read the temperature. From the temperature readout, you can determine the extent to which you can cook your food. Apart from that, it has an internal cooking temperature. This helps its users to regulate the quantity of heat they allow inside the smoker. You can increase or decrease the heat. Moreover, it has internal food temperature, this helps to monitor the quantity of heat you apply to your food. If you want a slow and low grill, you reduce the heat. You can increase it if you want a fast grill.

Furthermore, you can easily set it to the permanent temperature you want to smoke your food. You are no longer guided by guesswork, but by precision. You can determine the internal food temperature through its stainless steel probe. It has an automatic pellet augur, which can either dispense when there is a need for that or shut down when the food is done. With the sensor gauge, you can easily read the cooking temperature. It has an additional rack for warming. This creates more space for users to cook more food. You can add more food in your rack. It is the ideal smoker for large families. To ensure an easy cleaning, the smoker has clean out ash. It is equally fitted with a pellet hopper, which is very large. This is to make cooking simpler and easier for the user, as it demands less filling and would supply more smoke to the system.

To ensure that you do not have any problem with the smoker, it contained a recipe manual. The manual teaches you many things about the smoker. It teaches how to use and clean it. You can learn how to control the temperature and the quantity of heat you can apply. You can learn how to prepare different types of foods from the manual.


Here are the specifications of this grill:

  • The grilling area dimension measures 19.5 by 22Its warming rack and smoking dimensions measure 6 by 24It has rack surface area measuring 560 square inches.
  • The copper capacity as well as the pellets is 20lbs.
  • Cooking height of the smoker is 32.5.
  • While its overall weight is 127lbs.
  • It is the best product for busy mothers because they do not need to babysit and monitor the smoker. You only need to load the pellets, set the temperature at the desired range, and go about your business.

Why is it a superior brand?

Three different factors make this smoker superior to several brands on the market today. First is that the product has a digital control unit, this makes it easier for users to regulate the amount of smoke. You can change the temperature from low to high smoke range. Secondly, there are various ranges of heat regulation starting from 175 degrees to more than 450 degrees. Thirdly, it has my favorite feature, which enables you to toggle the internal temperature of the smoker. You can change the quantity of heat you apply to your food.

The smoker can grill different types of meat such as pork, turkey, and chicken. Indeed, you can use it to smoke any type of meat. It is not restricted in any way. Many people use it to grill vegetable and pizza. Perhaps, the cleaning process is one thing that makes it better than other products. You do not need to open the smoker before you can remove ashes out of the vacuum. You simply pull the knob and you watch the ashes drop out.

Many users prefer the product because it can smoke large quantities of meat at once. It is good for large families and it ideal for your party. Moreover, it is very efficient in grilling these foods irrespective of the quantity. This is why it is recommended to every family to use the product.

You cannot determine the capacity of the smoker through the size. The bottom of the grill has a large layer and a smaller shelf at its upper part. This makes it a perfect solution for a single cooking surface. The rack could permit at least four layers for you to smoke your foods.

You can see that the ash management system is very effective. It does not dirty your hands or litter your home with ashes when you want to get rid of them. You do not even need to open the ovum in order to evacuate the ashes. The simple and effective ash disposal system is one feature that makes it popular among household members.
The pellet hopper is very large as it could hold at least 18 pounds of pellet at once. Moreover, it is fitted with a screen, which prevents objects and hands from entering its automatic auger. The auger is located within the hopper, at the bottom part of the hopper.

The control panel is the most important part of the smoker. This is where you set everything about this smoker and regulate the temperature to meet your cooking needs. The temperature relies on a thermostat to control and regulate the speed of heating the element. The temperature range of 175 to 500 F is great, because you can cook any type of meat and it enables you to prepare your food in different ways. Because of this capacity, it could serve as an outdoor oven.

The best feature is the Probe Temp. This facilitates the use of this smoker. This makes it easier for you to insert it into any type of food you are preparing. At the push of the probe temp button, you get information about the probe temperature you are using. Once the button is not depressed, it would show the temperature within the drum. You can smoke your meat for the next twelve hours without necessarily opening its lid. This is great, because it minimizes the production of heat and smoke, which is not good.

  • It has automatic auger as well as temperature control.
  • You can easily determine the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking by simply pressing the probe temp button.
  • The smoker is simple and easy to use.
  • It is easy to clean up after use.

  • It would need power supply to work.
  • Pellets could be expensive and it cost more than woods.
  • It is less portable because of the weight.

9.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker is the greatest smoker you can find in the market today. It has all the features that ensure a perfect cooking. Once you learn how to set the system, which is very simple to learn, you can set it and go about your business.

Last updated on November 24, 2017 5:26 am
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