Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Digital Smoker – Review

Over the years, Masterbuilt was known for producing highest quality electrical devices. The same quality the company is known for can be seen from the construction of the Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Digital Smoker. It is rated the best quality smoker, and the ideal for tasty cooking. It is economical to buy and run. Everything about the smoker is for your best cooking enjoyment.

Masterbuilt 20070910 30 Inch – REVIEW

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Digital Smoker is the perfect smoker for everybody. The smoker has different features that stand it out among similar products on the market today. The most important characteristic about this digital smoker is the fact that it does not pose any difficulty in using it. It is the easiest smoker you can use and maintain in the market today. Setting up the smoker is simple. In the same way, it is easy to maintain and clean it when it becomes necessary. The smoker is simple to set, which means that it is an automatic smoker. You are not required to have previous experiences about smokers before you can use the unique product. This is the perfect choice for beginners, because they do not need to learn about the product before they begin to use it.

It has a large cabinet for your easy cooking. It provides enough rooms for you to spread out your food inside the system. It also has enough space for the preparation of any sizeable quantity of food, which you can use for yourself and your friends. The burner is the ideal for parties and big occasions.

The smoker is just simple to clean up after use. Unlike many other smokers in the market, it is constructed in such a way that you clean them up after using it. Even the grease that might be left over after use can be easily cleaned after using the removable drip pan and the grease pan mounted on the rear part of the grill.

You have just seen that the product requires low maintenance. The same thing is applicable to its use. Its temperature setting and timing are also programmable. It is fitted with a thermometer control. This ensures that the use of the grill is automated. Moreover, it has a wood chip, which is already placed inside its tray. This is always ready for your use when the smoker reaches the appropriate temperature you set for it. You easily can become perfect in preparing any recipe, because everything is already set out for you. This is why the smoker is always referred to in this phrase “set it and forget it.” You do not need to bother yourself once you have properly set out the smoker. It would do the rest for you, while you go about with your domestic chores.

The most energy efficient grill

The most important thing about this smoker that makes it the popular choice is that it is the most energy efficient grill you can ever use. If you are looking for an economy smoker, this is the most popular choice. It is the most economical not only because of the cost effectiveness, but also because it is very energy efficient. The product is completely insulated inside, this means that all the heat generated by the system is secured and trapped inside the system. This implies that it would always need less quantity of energy to keep it running. This essential feature makes it unique. A smoker is the least affected by low temperature. It has the capacity to prepare any type of food you want and it uses the least amount of energy in doing that. It saves you a lot of money in the end.


Here are some of the features that make the product great:

  • Like most other products from this company, Masterbuilt 20070910 30 Inch Electric Digital Smoker is characterized by its innovativeness and superior qualities.
  • Because it is an electric smoker, fuelling is easier when compared to those smokers that are propelled by propane and gas. This is why it is easier to use than similar brands.
  • Its temperature usually ranges from 100 to 275 F. This implies that it can generate enough temperature that is good for any type and quantity of food you want to prepare using it.
  • You can see that the smoker has up to 2.5 cubic feet capacity. This is big enough to cook foods even the quantity you can serve in a party. This is a lot of space. It is the ideal for public and private use.
  • The exterior of the smoker is powder coated and is composed of a steel material. This makes it fashionable and well insulated. This is one reason it would preserve heat better than other brands.
  • Furthermore, the product has four big smoking racks. This is large for spreading of foods you want to flavor using the smoker.
  • It has a digital control panel and a push button, which make it easier for the system to be controlled when you are cooking.
  • It has a timer, which you can even set up to 24 hours. This is a very good feature. You can just set it and go about other things. You are not required to stay behind and monitor the performance.
  • It is auto shut off programmed. This means that it can automatically shut off itself. Whatever you are preparing in the system would be ready as you get back to the house. The smoker is already programmed to serve you better.
  • The thermostat setting can also be programmed; this is another perfect way of cooking your food. Moreover, the temperature can be set at the most appropriate range using the thermostat. Any range can be set for different types of foods you want to grill.
  • It has a perfect insulation and that is why it is considered the best energy efficient smoker out there. The problem of leaking heat would never arise anytime you are using this smoker.
  • Furthermore, it is fitted with air damper. This makes it easier to control the humidity and the amount of smoke that comes out of the system.
  • It also fitted with loading wooden tray. Because of this, it becomes easier for you to put the required wood chips into the system.


The smoker is simple to use. You should simply press the start button, because it has control over the digital board. After that, you set the temperature to the required range. You have to set it to a level most appropriate for the type of food you want to prepare. Even if you make a mistake in selecting the right temperature range, you do not have anything to worry about, because it has a coherent temperature. Moreover, it is designed in a way to regulate and protect itself. You would never have any bad experience of uncooked food or burnt food using this product. Everything about regulating the cooking is centered on the control board. You have to choose the right temperature and the correct time.

You can cook varieties of foods with this smoker, because it has enough space for that. You do not even need to bother yourself about opening the chambers while the product cooks, as it has side wood filler, which you can use. The wood chipper is simple and very easy to use.

Cooking is made easy with the smoker as you can add condiments anytime you like. It has a detachable water saucepan, which you can put your condiments. Moreover, if you want to decrease the smoke that comes out of the system, you can simply do that by adjusting its air check to your preferred range. There is no doubt that you would grill a perfect food for your family members if you use the smoker. If you want to satisfy your club with delicious food, you can use this grill.

As an electric smoker, you have to plug it directly to your power outlet. If you want to use the smoker outside, you have to install an outdoor electrical outlet, because the wire would not be tall enough to reach to the outside. It is obvious that this is a perfect grill. Most of the online reviews about this product have great stories to tell about its fantastic features and excellent performance.

The most efficient smoker you can buy today is the Masterbuilt 20070-10 30 inches electric smoker as can be seen from hundreds of positive reviews about the product on the internet.

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is the most economical smoker available today.
  • It consumes less energy and saves you plenty of money.
  • It is easy to control.
  • It cooks large quantities of food.
  • It has a better customer support.
  • It is fitted with a digital thermometer for easy control and regulation.
  • The inside it well insulated for heat control.

  • It has a low wattage; this can pose a challenge holding temperature.

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Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller

Known for quality and innovation, Masterbuilt's cooking products set the standard. With a powder-coated steel outer body, Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse comes with four smoking racks that allow ...

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The Masterbuilt smoker is a wonderful product for the price. Whether you're new to smoking, or an experienced smoker who wants a less hands on, labor intensive smoke, this is simply the best you can get for the $$.Pros:1. Digital thermometer: If you've smoked much, you know keeping the smoker at the right temperature is often what takes the most attention. As an electric smoker with a built in thermometer, you can set your preferred temperature and then just focus on keeping the woodtray filled, the contents mopped, and you're good to go. (You will still want to use a digital thermometer on the meats themselves to check their internal temperatures, but that's a different matter.)2. Well insulated: Unlike a traditional side smoker, bullet or most other form factors, the masterbuilt is nicely chunky and really doesn't care overly what the outside temperature is at (within reason)3. Capacity: Four racks (though with chickens, big roasts, shoulders and ribs you may only end up using two at a time. Still, I've loaded it up 30+lbs of meat at a time which for a product that often drops under $200 when on sale, is not bad at all.4. Economy: It runs on electricity and with small amounts of wood relatively speaking. Rather than going through large amounts of wood and charcoal, you have a much more affordable smoke, which if you want to smoke regularly (or smoke small batches) is great.5. Customer Support: You'll find repeated reviews of this online, but Masterbuilt's customer support is second to none. Its hard to find companies that stand behind their products the way Masterbuilt does. If something is defective, they will fix it with little to no questions asked.So why don't I give it a 5 stars?1.Read more ›
January 7, 2009
A friend of mine has a Masterbuilt smoker that looks very similar to this one and it works very well. His experience, along with everything I've read is very positive for all Masterbuilt smokers, with the notable exception of heating element replacement. Given that, my decision on which model to purchase will be based on whether the heating element can be replaced without replacing a large segment of the smoker.From my research it seems the heating element is the one part that's most likely to fail, so you'd expect them to be replaceable. After reading in these Amazon reviews that the heating element of this model may not be replaceable, I swapped e-mail with a Masterbuilt rep and here's what I found.The rep claimed the heating element can be replaced on all of their smokers, although some require a new body assembly - and replacement parts are no longer made or stocked for some of their older models. All of the electric smokers sold on their website allow for replacement of just the heating element. The heating element of this model (#20070106) requires a new body. (sixty bucks plus s&h)The rep made it clear that model #20070910 is their newest 'standard' 30" electric smoker, and it does allow for easy replacement of just the heating element. It's hard to find on their website, so just search the web for the model #.The rep also told me there's no way to know when a particular smoker, and thus replacement parts, will be phased out. She said some of their models have been sold for over five years, implying that's a long time.The following models were mentioned in our correspondence.30" Electric Smokers====================> Model #20070106; sold here on Amazon.Read more ›
April 22, 2010
I am not an expert but a consumer that does a lot of research before buying something like this. This model has many improvements over the "Non-RF" model:1) Wheels that work when the unit is tilted, (caveat: the slide on grease drip tray must be removed before you can tilt and roll.)2) A light inside the unit, (caveat, It's a little hard to see the meat with the smoke and smoke "grim" on the inside of the huge window but still very nice feature.)3) The meat thermometer. It is a real needed item on this type of smoker. You never have to open the door to check the temperature. *I double checked it against my own digital thermometer and it runs true within a degree or two.4) A handheld remote control. No AAA batteries included, (2 req.) You can program the time & temp as well as check the meat probe temp & switch the light on & off. You cannot see the current temp of the smoker, i.e.; watch it rise to the temp you set. To do this just look at the display on top of the unit for this info. Speaking of the top digital unit; it automatically alternates between the time left on the smoker and the current temp of the smoker. To see the meat probe temp, just push the temp button once. The unit is well insulated and comes up to temp well within a reasonable time, (outside air temp = 46 degrees. The smoker came up to temp of 225 degrees within 17 minutes.) The unit appears well built and of solid construction. I did have a small warpage of the bottom back portion of the back metal panel. This impeded the grease tray a little. This could have been due to the shipper, (Fed Ex) but the unit very well packed. Assembly took 15 minutes. Very simple.Read more ›
January 20, 2011
Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Digital Smoker – Review
Masterbuilt 20070910 is the revolutionary smoker that many people have been waiting for. It was built with a superior technology, which Masterbuilt was known for over the years. It is the most user-friendly smoker out there. The control system is unique. The product is perfect for any type of cooking, as you can prepare different types of foods at the same time.
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Masterbuilt 20070910 is the revolutionary smoker that many people have been waiting for. It was built with a superior technology, which Masterbuilt was known for over the years. It is the most user-friendly smoker out there. The control system is unique. The product is perfect for any type of cooking, as you can prepare different types of foods at the same time.

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