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Wonderbra Gel Satin Push Up Bra

The Wonderbra Gel Satin Push Up Bra provides you with the lift you want, while still providing a high level of comfort. The bra is underwired and the cups are lightweight, as are the gel pads. The gel pads are not too bulky and so do not give the bra an odd shape. The bra is made from nylon and spandex, and has delicate lace at the front in the center. This means that the bra looks as good as it feels. It is seamless under clothes and available in a variety of colours which means that it can be worn with almost every outfit. This bra will keepyou well supported as will as providing lift. The straps are adjustable and this makes it even easier for you to find the perfect fit. It washes and when it is line dried it will not lose it’s shape. The sizing is very accurate so if you buy one in your usual size you will not be disappointed with the fit. Wonderbra are a very well respected brand, and people often have expectations for their products, which this bra meets. They are high quality bras which willlast you much longer than a cheaper alternative.

  • Gives you lift without bulky padding.
  • Invisible under clothing so can be worn with a variety of outfits.
  • Accurate sizing and provides you with the level of support that you need.

  • If you have narrow shoulders then the straps may need a bit more adjusting than normal.

8.7 Total Score

The Wonderbra Gel Satin Push Up Bra is a very comfortable bra that provides a good level of lift and support. The sizing is accurate and the straps can be adjusted to give you exactly the fit that you want. The quality is everything you would expect from the Wonderbra brand.

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