Igloo Maxcold 50 Quart

The Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Quart Roller Cooler, is considered the best cooler in its class. Built with Igloo’s Cool Riser Technology, a 50 qt body size, extra insulation and other sweet features, your next BBQ, camping or fishing trip, can be fully equipped with sufficient amounts of food and drinks, that can keep it’s cool. has a sufficient stock and provides free shipping. For a limited time, consumers can get an Igloo Island Breeze Cooler, from, with a whopping 47% savings! You do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Get yours now!

  • Keeps items which are stored, cold for a long duration of time.
  • Easy to pack with other trip items.
  • Rolls easy to its destination.
  • Drain plug is in a position where it is not easily damaged.
  • Easy to drain.
  • Durable.

  • Handle Design is difficult to push.

More About Igloo Maxcold 50 Quart Cooler

The Igloo Island Breeze MaxCold 50 Quart Roller Cooler, is designed to work efficient during camping, playing, fishing, BBQ’s and other outing trips and events. With its numerous effective and convenient features and benefits, such as: its Igloo Cool Riser Technology, that minimizes its contact with the ground and hot surfaces to keep containment’s cool; it’s foamed lid and extra insulation, for additional MaxCold performance; it’s 50 – quart size, which allows, 69 12 oz cans and 2 liter bottles to stand upright; it’s ergonomic curved backside, for consumer carrying comfort, and more, such as, its over-sized soft-ride sport wheels; its grab-through side handles and its locking telescoping handle. This Igloo Cooler is definitely a consumer’s favorite.

Ever since Igloo’s start in 1947, it has been an innovative company. It was the company, in 1947,responsible for changing the cooler types used in a construction work site from wooden to metal. They did not stop there, from that point forward, Igloo continued to innovate. They took another step forward and began to make plastic coolers and in addition insulate them. By 1965, Igloo was the #1 cooler brand of choice on a worksite and just continued to innovate thereafter. They went on to become the first Igloo company to attach wheels to their coolers and the first to create an all-plastic ice-chest. Igloo is still the #1 cooler brand on the market, both for worsites and trips/events.

The Igloo Island Breeze has maintained great reviews from consumers, ever since it hit the market, ranging from: “This cooler did indeed keep ice for four days” to “Wheels and handle worked well over uneven terrain and the sturdy handles on the side look like they will handle the loads for years to come”.

9.5 Total Score

The Igloo MaxCold 50 quart cooler is a cooling and ergonomic feature and benefit driven product, by a #1 cooler making brand, who delivers the necessary punch that consumers so much desire for their BBQ's, fishing trips, camping trips, etc. Consumers are in good hands with Igloo.

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